Luxury titanium wedding ring store for metal allergies

I am a jewelry designer from Japan. I design titanium wedding rings for metal allergies. I recommend the new age luxury titanium jewelry with pink sapphires and melee diamonds.

In 2019 I married my wife. She was allergic to metals. I tried to buy a titanium wedding ring for her. However, in an existing jewelry shop, the ideal wedding rings were not sold. So I decided to design and create a wedding ring myself and give it to my wife. After that, I started selling wedding rings.

■For customers with metal allergies
Titanium is a material that does not cause metal allergies. Therefore, even women with metal allergies can wear it with peace of mind.

■Product Features
(1) Women's ring with a luxurious feel
The women's ring is studded with pink sapphires and melee diamonds, giving it a luxurious feel. The brilliance of the jewelry will surely catch your attention.

(2) Men's ring set with one melee diamond
The one point diamond shines a unique character that is different from other brands.

Japan has excellent titanium processing technology.

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